1. Lately, I've noticed quite a bit of disagreement among Brothers fraternity wide that has caused either great contention or a total  breakdown of a harmonious discussion.

It leads to either a Brother's Demit from a Lodge or Forum, or it dismantles the cohesiveness of a group that was once fruitful in their endeavor to worktogether. This saddens me greatly.

Are we not Brothers regardless of our opinions? Are we not Mason's bound by our obligations? More especially the MM degree?

Where have we failed as a fraternity to support this venerable institution and prevent such things from happening?

 2. I  believe it to be a matter of NOT being able or desirous of putting principles before personalities.  I also "plead guilty" to the above.

 3.  From my point of view, we, as Freemasons, agree to disagree. We are not all alike, that is the strength of the fraternity, our diversity. 

There are some who have not subdued their passions adequately to separate their personal opinions of that diversity from their obligation to support their Brothers. 

That said, rather than realize that they lack that maturity as a Freemason and using the experience to grow, they run away by demitting from the thing that would help them most, Brothers who are willing to help them gain more knowledge and thereby more tolerance.


 4I would like to believe that every Brother is able. Desirous? maybe not. That would lead me to the conclusion that we as builders need to remember to review that which we have learned and apply it regardless of our ego. Easier said than done. I know that from personal experience.

Again, reality is what it is... but I myself find even our disagreements cause for me to reflect upon my inner self and use it for a positive outcome. But then, I'm purposefully looking for ways to improve myself in Masonry on a constant basis.

 5.  You guilty? Ha! I obviously view you in a different light than you see yourself my Brother. The fact that you would admit such a thing speaks volumes. 

We are all guilty at one point or another, but the question really is; what are we going to do about it!

 6.  Some Brothers are unable to overcome differences. Some that I have seen were warranted while others were not. And sometimes the wisest course of action is just to stay away from each other. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that a Brother leaves the Lodge if they feel the conflict or the potential for it is unavoidable.

Many of you have hit the nail on the head that we should always try to help any Brothers out that may be having difficulties.


 7.  All of the above comments have much value but there is always a but.  For example: an elected officer of your lodge who has no involvement with his lodge except  once a month to fulfill his compensated office, is always complaining and criticizing of other brothers, has no masonic etiquette and is really an obnoxious individual.  How do you offer counsel to a past master who, was suspended from his lodge for npd, re-applied to the same lodge and was blackballed?  This same brother responsible for newly raised brothers demitting while others are asking "Is he really a Mason?"

Combine his self importance with his boring pleonastic writings, one is left with the only hope that he finds another lodge to terrorize and allow us to get back to peace and harmony.

Who can best work and best agree

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