For almost a hundred years the Masonic Service Association of North America has published the Short Talk Bulletins every month, discussing various symbols, lore, and Masonic historical figures and events, being the de facto “public face” of Masonry in North America. If Masonry in North America was a church, these would be the sermons. These have historically been sent out, printed and mailed. By subscribing to the Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library, every week you will receive new episodes of the historical Short Talk Bulletins, as well as the current Short Talk Bulletins as they become available. The vision of Anaba Publishing is to record all of the historical Short Talk Bulletins being spoken/delivered by various Masons around the country, preserve this ongoing legacy to speak to the world about the value of Masonry, and in so doing provide real and tangible support to further the goals of the MSANA: disaster relief, educational publications and masonic information. Membership in  the Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library equals direct support for the MSANA. All content used with permission of the MSANA.