Greetings from the East Brethren,

It has been a very busy month at King Solomon Lodge but we are not quite done yet.  We began our work by doing our charitable project at the Episcopal Church in Tombstone, rebuilding the stairs, mowing, painting etc. Held a planning session as well.  We put on two second degrees for our father and son team of Ken and Kevin Osborne and we had our Stated meeting. Congratulations to our newest Fellowcrafts.

I realize that some of the Brothers might be getting a little worn by all this activity and rightly so.  In our planning session we decided to hold ritual practices every third Monday.  However due to all the recent activities we have been involved in I propose to hold it for the third degree not on the scheduled date but  on the 26th of August.  Ergo, if you wish to be included in the Trestle Board or if you want to brush up on your ritual please plan to attend Monday, August 26th at 7:00pm at the lodge.

I hope to see a goodly number of you present at the ritual practice as it is very important to us as a lodge.  We have garnered many compliments on our degree presentations and I wish to keep up the good reputation we have worked so hard to earn.

In addition, our September meeting will be on the 9th of September  rather than on the 2nd September. 2 Sept is Labor Day Holiday.

At 1900 hours with dinner most likely at Big Nose Kates at 1730 hours.


Ed Kelly WM

 posted:  17 Aug 2019

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