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September 9

Stated Meeting

Stated Meeting 7:00pm

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Charge -

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Bible Presentation -  

G Marshall

G Secretary -


WB  Greg Covel

Bro. T. Lindquist

Bro. Raliegh Croghan 

Bro.  Ken Sherman

MWB Craig Gross as

MWB Benjamin Titus


WB Jack Wright 

WB  Dwayne Hoyt

Bro. Duncan MacLeod 

Bro. Ken Sherman 

Bro. Dan Kilpatrick

WB  Michael A. Dale

Bro. Don Phillips 

WB  Duane Brown

Bro. Jeff Holmes

Bro. Sean Goertz

Bro. Chris Douglas

Bro. Cosmo Magliozzi

Bro. Steve Burgess

Bro. Louie Townsend
/ Bro. Michael Slentz 

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Seafarer/Wayfarer -

Graveside prayer - 

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WB    Jim Baker

MWB Craig Gross

WB    Hank Vlceck

VWB  Greg Myers 

RWB  Randy Jager

MWB  Greg Vasquez 

MWB Scott Thomas

WB    Roger Biede

WB    George Rusk

WB    Geoff Cummings

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Hiram Abiff -            Prometheus candidate


Bro.  Jeff Holmes /  Bro. Kevin Quinn


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Festive Board  5:30pm

6 January 2020

Another first for KS 5 TL - Beginning with the January Stated Meeting and all subsequent meetings, meals will be held at Schieffelin Hall where Fellowship can now be truly enjoyed.


Miss Vicki Titus has been appointed the Lodge's "Festive Coordinator" in cooperation with  your Junior Warden, Raleigh Croghan. 


Her menu for the January stated is Garden Salad, Pot Roast, Potatoes with Gravy, Carrots, Rolls with Butter, and her specialty dessert (Million Dollar Pie)


The festive will begin promptly at 5:30 pm.