Masonic Charity is organised charitable support within Freemasonry – caring and spending time and not just money – freely and confidentially given by every able Brother in aid of the sick, aged and needy.



Every Mason is encouraged to give generously within his means and without detriment to himself or his family, through collections, gift, aid etc. Unlike many other organisations, Freemasons never ask the general public for money; do not make street collections or public appeals.

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On June 23, a group of gentlemen from the King Soloman Lodge 5, from here in Tombstone, came to perform what they call a "work day" for us, doing some very needed projects around our campus. Painting, plumbing, landscaping work and replacing some rotted wood railings and stairs, all things that we have fallen behind on in the past few months. It's amazing how quickly these projects can get out of hand when you are low on help. 

These flesh and blood "Saints" have been back several times since then, continuing their work, and will be scheduling another "work day" for us within the next few weeks. Thank you St. Jude for bringing these wonderful and talented gentlemen to us in our need! Here are a couple of pictures we took that Saturday morning.

The following appears on St.  Pauls Episcopal Church web page.

In case you were wondering their names are as follows:

Gregory Covel, Senior Warden
Dan Kilpatrick
Michael Slentz
Kenn Barrett
Kenny Osborne and his son Kevin Osborne
Raleigh Croghan

Thank you so very much, gentlemen for your help and generosity to our parish community!

We had 8 brothers from King Solomon #5 on the work crew this past Saturday. St. Pauls served a delicious lunch and were delighted with all our efforts. The charity, good fellowship and generosity of spirit demonstrated, illustrates the true meaning of masonry. Thank you for your time and effort. You did good.   Submitted by Gregory Covel 3°