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Bro. Greg Myers  3° - WB Ed Kelly 3° -  WB Gregory Covel 3° - Bro. Kip Coryea 3°

not pictured - Bro. Spike Fortier 3° - Bro. Chris Dougls 3°


What do the Freemasons do?
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A Freemason prepared the bodies of

Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury 

A Freemason built Schieffelin Hall


A Freemason began the oldest continually published newspaper in Arizona

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A Freemason was the architect of the County Courthouse

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A Freemason was the  first

Mayor of Tombstone.


A Freemason designed the St. Paul's Episcopal Church & more recently assisted with its maintenance

Just a few examples of what Freemasons have done in Tombstone.

You are invited to meet "Masons in the Park"  every Friday morning at the City Park in Tombstone, Az.


A Freemason decided  the Earps and Doc Hodiday were not  responsible for the "Gunfight at the OK Corral"

  • Stated Meetings
  • Degrees
  • Local Service
  • Rite Service
  • Self-Improvement

Freemasons do their best to improve the communities in which they reside. 

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All  Shriners are Masons who donate over $ 1 million per day to Children's Hospitals

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scanned from the archives KS5TL


John Harris Behan was Sheriff of Cochise County in the Arizona Territory, during the gunfight at the O.K. Corral and was known for his opposition to the Earps. Behan bought an interest in the Dexter Corral with John Dunbar (the Dexter Corral, across Allen Street south of the O.K. Corral, would later figure as a brief stopping point for the cow-boys less than an hour before the O.K. Corral gunfight).. The O.K. Corral (Old Kindersley) was a livery and horse corral from 1879 to about 1888 . 

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F. row  -  Kevin Osborn 3° - Louie Townsend  3° - Rayna Stanley 3° ( Installing Chaplain )- Gregory Covel 3° - Matthew Covel 3°  (Installing  Master) - Al Comocho 3° (Installing Marshal)

B. row  -  Michael Slentz 3 ° - Dennis Thomas 3 ° -Kenn Barrett 3 ° - Raleigh Croghan 3 ° - Dan Kilpatrick 3° - Rollie Benson 3° - Spike Fortier 3° - Don Phillips 3° - Kenneth Osborn 3° 

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3 layer cake  with square and compasses & chocolate cupcakes with working tools baked and prepared by

  Miss Kirsten Evans
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Painted rocks created and presented to KS 5 TL by

Kelly Jo Hinman - Ts Rockers