King Solomon 5 TL  
 402 E. Fremont Street  
 P.O. Box 785  
  Tombstone, AZ 85638  

 Stated Meetings are held  

  1st Monday - 7:00 PM  

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  Welcome to the official website of King Solomon 5 TL of Free   and Accepted  Masons      in Tombstone, Arizona. 

   We are the only lodge in Arizona who still has our meetings in the same building   (Schieffelin Hall) as we did in 1882 when we received dispensation from the Grand  Lodge  of California 

  Our Members not only support our fraternity but also support our Masonic Family, our   Communities, our Charities, our Armed Forces and our Country. 

Gregory Covel  3°
Senior Warden

(951) 522-3434

Ed Kelly 3°, Worshipful Master

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Greg Myers 3° 





What does it mean when someone is a 32° degree master mason? 

There are only "three degrees" in the Masonic hierarchy.  A Freemason who has been raised to the third degree (Master Mason) has attained the highest level of Freemasonry.  All Master Masons are peers, though some hold other offices (such as Worshipful Master of a Lodge, or District Deputy Grand Master, or similar).  No one ever 'rises higher' than the third degree.


The only time a Master Mason might write his name followed by 32° is for Scottish Rite business.  There is no such thing as a 32° Master Mason or a 33° Master Mason.  It is recommended that if you feel it is important to impress  your audience be it verbal or written that you are something more than a 3° Master Mason, then qualify your identity as a "32° SCOTTISH RITE Mason."

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